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I'm Louis Borsu

Versatile Developer

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Louis Borsu - Versatile Developer

I would define myself as a tech dreamer.

I've started as sound engineer since I'm fifteen. I've worked for several live companies and also as a freelancer. I've got a great experience in Live sound. Nowadays, 12 years of experience.

Since 2006, I've started working in Studios, and started building mine (Satprod-studio).

Lately, I turned to be more a technical guy, I'm building custom electronic gear, develop high-featured Web Back Office, automated living environemnt and live shows, etc...

Between 2012 and 2014, I've worked at SAE Institute (Brussels and Online) as a teacher, IT Sysadmin and Developer.

Since february 2014, I'm fully working for the technical activities inside Satprod. My main job is to design, develop and setup high-tech automated process for personnal, artistic, industrial and commercial uses (IPTv, Domotic Automation, Energy Scaling, etc...).

I'm already interested by your project and we definitely have to take a sip together to discuss about your idea.

Be welcome to contact me!



  • Satprod

    Feb 2011 - Now

    Founder and Jack-Of-All-Trades

    Satprod acquired throughout the years a catalog of skills in different areas of engineering technologies.

    We provide support for other companies' projects in electronics, embedded, and engineering solutions. Our young team of enthusiast engineers, as well as our partners, allow us to offer our customers state-of-the-art technologies to any need that might arise.

    While making sure that any solution developed is both stable and easily maintainable, we will ensure that only the best technologies make its way into your final product.

  • P&E Trading

    Aug 2018 - Dec 2019

    Electronic Engineer

    Multiple embedded electronic developments with GPS, Lora, Sigfox, low-energy technologies

  • Sagacify

    Feb 2016 - Jul 2018

    Microservices Architect and Devops

    I had two hats at Sagacify, the first one was to maintain, improve, and automate our infrastructure, quality enforcement tools, and our continuous integration line.

    The second one was to design and develop a microservices catalog that could be totally generic to be used by several projects of the company. Work distribution, pipelining, messaging queues, and scaleability were my daily work topics.

  • Woorank

    Jan 2015 - Dec 2015

    Dev & Ops

    My job at WooRank was split into two sections, Backend Development, and DevOps.

    As a DevOps, my daily job was to maintain the infrastructure up, develop on, and deploy new technologies to improve our continuous integration workflow. I had the opportunity to work with several technologies such as :

    - Ansible
    - Docker
    - Mesos
    - Marathon
    - HAproxy
    - Most of the AWS technologies
    - RabbitMQ
    - CircleCI
    - ...

    As a Backend developer, my job was to create and maintain several backend services. Woorank is based on a microservices structure and I had to develop several of them. Otherwise part of our daily work was also to improve, fix, and maintain those services. The development stack was based on :

    - NodeJS
    - PHP
    - Redis
    - Postgres
    - MongoDB
    - ElasticSearch
    - Mysql
    - ...

  • SAE Online

    July 2013 - Feb 2014

    Ruby Systems Developer

    - Integration of several SPs and link them trough APIs
    - Setup a SSO trough the different SPs
    - Developing a new front end in Ruby on Rails/Javascript/CSS
    - Designing and managing the AWS Environment
    - Deploying application on AWS and Heroku

  • Crush the button

    Mar 2009 – Feb 2014

    Electronics Technician

    - R&D for new products of our own brand
    - Repair of effects pedals from brands such as "Electro-harmonix" or "Malekko"

  • SAE Institute

    Mar 2012 – Jul 2013

    IT Sysadmin & Audio Maintenance / Lecturer / Mobile Dev Section Coordination

    IT Sysadmin & Audio Maintenance:

    - Responsible of the local IT/Audio Setup & Maintenance
    - Part of the Global SAE IT Development


    - Logical Programming
    - Computer Audio lecturer
    - 24 Channels Mixdown lecturer
    - MIDI lecturer
    - Cubase Audio/Midi lecturer
    - Yamaha 02R96 lecturer
    - Avid D-Control lecturer

    Mobile Development section Coordination

  • Ericsson

    April 2008 – August 2008

    IT Developer in Core & Signaling Team

    Work as interim into the Core&Signaling Team

    - Database management (Access, SQL)
    - Creating, editing and management of "Change Requests"
    - Declaration of 3G cells in a Huawei switch via M2000
    - Experience of working within a team in big company


  • Web Platforms

    2008 - now

    Self-Learning on several Web Platforms

    Here is my Open Badges Backpack

  • Middlesex University

    2008 - 2011

    Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) with honours, Art/Art Studies, General, First Class

    Thesis: "What is the contribution of the web in the promotion and marketing of self-produced artists?"

Electonics Skills

  • I made several projects which required some skills in PCB Design, PCB Manufacturing, AVR on ARM (cortex) or Power Supply Desing.

    PCB Design
    PCB Manufacturing
    ARM (cortex)
    Power Supply Desing

Ops Skills

  • I run several infrastructures with Ansible, Docker, Mesos on AWS or Bare Metal servers.

    Continuous Integration

Development Skills

  • I am familiar with Javascript, C++, Python and Shell Scripts.

    Shell Scripts


  • I am a French native speaker. Furthermore, I can speak English and Dutch.